If you live in a flat, chances are, thanks to fire regulations, you’ve got doors either on chains or on some sort of hydraulic gizmo to prevent them from staying open.

It. Is. So. Annoying.

I got someone to take the chain out of our kitchen-slash-living room door as it’s the most frequently used, so it stays open of its own accord, but the other two doors in the shoebox of negative equity are frequently wedged into place with doorstoppers. Really ugly grey rubber ones like you’d see in an office.

streamline doorstoppers

I’m always meaning to replace them and these’d fit the bill. Made from birch ply and colourful laminate, no, they are not exactly cheap at £15stg each, plus you’ll pay extra for shipping from UK website Hunkydoryhome, but I’d imagine they’re a bit more long-wearing than rubber, which tends to tear from the pressure of the door shoved against it constantly.

Nice, eh?