c’mon, grumpy journos, get with the times

Aw, poor old selfies. They’ve had a bit of a bashing lately in the media, haven’t they? Not, it must be said, without good reason. Amanda Bynes. Kim K. Kelly Brook. Rihanna.  Justin Bieber.  And um, Helen Flanagan – they’re all at it, constantly. We’ve all seen one duckfaced “look at me me, meeeeeeee” pic too many, it’s true, but c’mon, grumpy journos, get with the times.

As any self-respectin’ fashion or beauty blogger will tell you, decent selfies go with the territory.  If you’re not posting them, readers are wondering why, and telling you so in the comments – in less than flattering terms.

In fact, if you’re not selfie-ing yourself up in that lipstick you just got sent by brand x’s press office, then they’re telling you that it’s clear you’re an ugly boot if you’re not willing to show your face wearing it.

So, what else can you do? Selfies it is.  But that doesn’t mean you have to take ‘em looking like you just chowed down on some battery acid, you absolutely, totally love yourself or you got a really big – and not very pleasant surprise (spiders?) just as you clicked the shutter release button.


  1. Don’t shoot straight on and try to take your pictures by holding the camera away and slightly above the top of your head. Much more flattering and any chin-issues are miraculously gone.
  2. Chin down: point your chin downwards and at the same time ..
  3. Eyes up: look upwards. This is the most flattering pose for photos. TRUST. A photographer told me this years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. When I remember.
  4. 3/4 turn: I prefer one of my profiles, so always turn that way. The other makes me look like I have a severe case of bitchy resting face. Find out which is your most flattering (have a session in front of a mirror) and use it.
  5. Shoot in natural light: diffused daylight is always nicer than artificial lights. Better still, take your selfies in super-flattering candlelight. I like to take mine in the dark. I look only gorgeous then.
  6. Play with your camera’s ISO settings: in very simple terms, the more light you permit the camera to take in, the brighter your images will be. And the more smooth-skinned you’ll potentially look. Doesn’t always work and you may need a tripod too, as the slower the shutter speed, the potential for wobbly pictures increases.

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What are your favourite tips for taking selfies? What have I missed or just plain don’t know about? Tell me in a comment.