When news broke of Kate Moss’ collab with Carphone Warehouse on smartphone covers a few weeks ago, we mocked up a couple, just for shits and giggles, y’unnerstan.

What would Kate create? A homage to past loves in the form of a plastic poem to Pete Doherty? Perhaps an image of Gillian Taylforth, her spiritual mother. Or maybe she’d just stick to the booze and fags?

Sadly she has chosen to go down none of these routes, instead opting for … black. And then some more black. Moc-croc, stars, some flat studs and then some more studs are what you’ll find on the Kate for CP range, across covers for iPhones, Samsung Galaxys and iPads.

kate moss for carphone warehouse iphone covers

kate moss for carphone warehouse ipad covers

They’re grand, don’t get me wrong, and prices, in sterling at least, are fairly decent, starting at £14.99stg for a phone case, up to £39.99stg for a tablet cover.

But Kate’s assertion to Vogue that she decided to do the range because “I looked into it and I realised that there was nothing else like it out there – there was nothing that I liked, anyway – nothing really luxury, nothing really chic,” seems like a bit of fluff.

There are tons, millions of amazing, luxury covers out there for tech devices, and in the same bracket she’s selling hers at, you can buy a Marc Jacobs iPhone cover for an equivalent price, so that doesn’t really wash. Still, I guess ‘fessing up and saying, “I decided to do it for the paycheque” doesn’t generally go down too well with the paying customers, eh?

And in fact the designs are absolutely fine: simple, clean and apparently inspired by her own accessories, I am delighted to note one was brought to life thanks to Kate’s love of faaaaaags. That croc-textured cover is modeled after her favourite lighter. Good woman yourself.

The range is on sale from the 24th July. Will you buy?

Pix: fashion.telegraph.co.uk