Here’s what I normally take my lunch to work in (if I can be arsed): leftovers in foil thrown into a ratty old M&S plastic bag. It’s so glamorous. Just so glam, glam, glam.

In fact, it’s so incredibly off-putting and unappetising that I hardly ever bother. Would I be more inclined if I had something nice with which to bring my lunchables into work? Yes, I think I might, actually.  And here’s the thing: when I do take food with me in the AM, I avoid that whole spending €20 on bugger all malarkey.

So I dug out a few lunch bags, boxes and eat-y accessories I thought we might all like to see brightening up our desks right about 12.45pm of an afternoon.

That there above? Misleading I know but it’s not actually paper. Modeled on the classic American lunch sack, The Paper Bag, £9.75 from, is made from tyvek. It’s reusable, tear-proof and leak-resistant, keeps cool items chilled and closes magnetically. 

Box Appetit

This Box Appetit, €20 at Designist, is clever doofer that’s for you if you’re a fan of salads: it’s got two compartments and a removable sealed extra tub for sauces or dressings. You can stick the base bowl in the microwave and the lid seals on super-tight so it’s leak-proof. Oh, and you get a forky-knife with it as well.

Yay Lunch lunch box with elasticated strapSandwich box in lime

Two for sandwich fans: The Yay Lunch box (top), £6, from, is retro-fabulous. Two plastic pieces are held together with a stripey elastic band, while the lime green sandwich box (bottom), £12.99 from (no, really, there is such a website) comes in a ton of other colours too. It’s got space for a sanger, an apple and a carton of juice. Sweet.

Lego cutlery you can stack

What if you need something to chow down with? Easy: This cutlery set is not only Lego-tastic but it’s also stackable so you can keep the pieces all together easily – and no one can nick it. £15 from

Lips hip flask

Lastly, sometimes work’d drive you to drink, eh? That’s where this lips hip flask comes in. Surely no one would ever consider it contained anything other than cordial? £8.95 from

What do you take your foody bits to work in then, eh?