I am kind of obsessed with oils, it’s true. No bad thing though.

One side of the bathroom sink is reserved for ME AND ME ALONE – oh, ok, I tend to monopolise the entire bathroom – and on that side of the basin, I keep the stuff I use with the biggest regularity.

Like my cleanser and moisturiser, and the stuff I use to tame the Mane of Terror. And whaddya know? They’re pretty much all oils.

I am kind of obsessed with oils, it’s true. No bad thing though.

I’ve been cleansing with an oil or a botanical oil-based balm for years. Hardly ever using a ‘regular’ moisturiser these days, oils and serums are where it’s at for my skin, and switching onto Shu Uemura’s camelia oil four or five years ago convinced me of the power of this stuff for frizz-prone hair too.

So this is what – at the moment – I’m using with regularity on me. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Even better than its predecessor, Ojon’s ace tri-phase Rare Blend Oil is blimmin’ brilliant. Looking a bit like a bizarroworld Loop the Loop, you shake it into a mix before you use on wet, just washed hair, and it’s just ace on frizz. However. HOWever. No pump or orifice (shudder) makes this really messy in use.
  2. L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Cleansing Oil is brill. I tipped it as just as good as Shu’s classic and I stand by that. Thin, silky and easy to emulsify, this whips off a full face of makeup in seconds. A really, really great product that just does what it says it will.
  3. Another oil cleanser, this Camomile Cleansing Oil is a newbie from The Body Shop that I got excited about pre-launch. So much so that even though it wasn’t sent as a testing sample, they gave it to me anyway. Aw. Shucks you guys. For those who queried my Shu/L’Oreal Paris claims, this is for you if you like the Green Shu Oil – or the one for age concerns. It’s considerably thicker and more comforting-feeling than L’Oreal Paris’ offering so potentially nicer for drier skins, but works just as well. Oh, and it smells amazing.
  4. Hair potion wonder a deux: Kerastase Cristalliste is magic stuff. Silicone-jammed but hey, so what, wha? This is follicle-smoothing, nose-pleasing and all-round brilliant for anyone who worships at the altar of serum. In between an oil and Frizz-ease, it’s great auld stuff altogether.
  5. Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know, you’d pretty much bankrupt me with the amount of you I get thrrrrrooooough? Trilogy Rosehip and Rosehip Antioxidant+ are two of the products I BUY. For someone who writes about products for print and web, I get sent so many there’s generally no need to purchase anything. Ever. But this rosey lovely is just so skin-suitable I keep it on hand constantly. Bloody brilliant, it is.
  6. A recent discovery and something I wouldn’t like to be without, I’ve been rationing the last third of my bottle of Image Skincare Pure Hyaluronic Filler. Honestly, this whizzbag bottle of goo is a miracle-worker. It saved my dry, cracked, breaking-out-like crazy skin after that winter that never ended, and it did it in about three days. Providing instant hydration, this stuff is a great skin fix and pick-me-upper.
  7. Lastly, I’m liking this Liz Earle Botanical Hair Shine nourishing hair oil quite a lot as well. Yers, it does contain silicone, but it also has some interesting and non-Argan oils which are nicely nourishing. Nice big bottle, and the pump is an absolute plus. I hate pouring product out, and oil is messy. Very messy.

So, that’s pretty much what I’m using to hydrate hide, sleek mane and remove slap ATM. What about you? Do let me in on your skin ‘sentials below.