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One woman and her gruaig. Hang on there and I’ll tell you another shaggy dog story, but this one will be true. It’s about how my mane is so uncontrollably frizzy that there doesn’t seem to be a silicone yet invented that can deal with it for more than a day or two at a time.

L'Oreal Professionel serie expert liss Unlimited

So this new launch from L’Oreal Professionel has piqued my curiosity. Serie Expert Liss Unlimited claims up to four days of frizz fightin’ capabilities, even when there’s 80% humidity to do battle with.

Note: it’s often at 80% and higher here thanks to our maritime climate, but there’s been so much sticky moisture in the air recently that my hair has pouffed up into an attractive greying puffball which I am battling into a ponytail each morning. Then it billows around the back of my head like a hirstute and unattractive mushroom cloud for the rest of the day.

Oh hair. Why. WHY.

Containing nourishing smoothers like Pro-Keratin, Evening Primrose and Kukui Nut oils, there are three products making up the range; yer usual shampoo, €12.05, and masque, €16.80. And then there’s the real star of the show. 

It’s the SOS smoothing double serum, €19. A two-phase product, one side starch, the other silicone, you pump each out simultaneously and as they mix the idea is they maximise their abilities to do amazing things to your barnet.

Now this, this I have to try.