If he NSA wasn’t reading Frillseeker before, they probably are now. Hoi goiz! Hope you like our mix of tea towels, nail polish and the odd cheeky dig.

Like this one.

The news that Edward Snowden, the US contractor working for the NSA, has been granted temporary leave to stay in Russia, got me thinking.

He’ll need a few bits for his new gaff, to make a house a home, like. And what better way to welcome himself to a new land than by picking up a few patriotic bits and pieces, eh? Such as these:

M&S tea caddy and cup

I’d say he’ll be doing a lot of tay drinking. A lot. This tin comes as a set of three for €17. To go with that, how about this teacup?

M&S russian doll tea towel and oven glove

Everyone needs a teatowel. EVERYONE. This one’s €5.50 and the oven glove is €27.

M&S russian doll cushion

And he may as well get comfy too: this cute cushion is €27.