My lust for all things collar-based might be waning a bit, but I reckon there’s still room in my wardrobe for a couple more, so I was pretty pleased to see that House of Fraser’s adding to the bib bonanza for AW13.

I’ve picked out six to get up close and personal with. From pony skin to sequins, diamante and stone embellishments, there’s some pretty nice stuff going on. Best of all, everything’s €80 and under.

Let’s take a closer look.

This nice lookin' bib piece with stones and ribbon tie is from Biba at House of Fraser and will set you back €57.

Two more Biba pieces, the pony skin collar is €57 and the diamante one will cost €80.

The purple wow collar is well named. Another Biba offering, it's €68.

From the store's Linea brand, there are two collars in red and black sequins incoming for €29 each. Got a fave?