There are so many things smartphones have done for us – sucked up tons of time in my case – bit one of them has been that we now look at our fingers a lot more because of all that tappin’ ‘n’ swpin’ we tend to do on a minute-by-minute basis.

Clearly this has has its cons (chips) as well as its pros (pretty things to adorn nails with) and along with that has come new ways to think about how we can either match or co-ordinate our polish to our phone.

And you better believe we do. I was very pleased with Chanel’s summer coral, Lilis, because it went oh-so-well with my flamingo-decorated phone case. I’m not alone, it seems. Here are 12 talon/tech combos to provide you with a little inspo for your own nail and phone fun.

Call me maybe? Oh, definitely.

IN THE NAVY: the classics are always good. Aundrea showcases a navy polish job which looks pretty and pristine against her smart white iPhone.

HEARTS AND ALL: Donna's got a lot of love for her stylin' Chanel iPhone case and in fairness who could blame her? The mani's not bad either, wha?

PEACHY PEACOCK: Andreea's colour combo here's a winner. Her case might be functional but her peach mani and punchy peacock ties the lot together really nicely.

GRAPHIC GLITTER: This one's wowsers. Pastel geo, graphic shapes and a little glitter? Oh Aoife from Xpose magazine, you give good hand.

RING HER BELL: Courtney's animal bands are from Button and Bow Factory and I'm liking how her teal mani goes with her abstract case. Nice work, fashionista.

TIKI TALONS: who doesn't love a bit of neon and some Hawaiian-themed palm trees and a little totally tropical summer vibe? NO ONE, THAT'S WHO. Good work, Dee!

GRUNGE LUXE: Emma's gone all Chanel and wasted yoof on us with her darkly delish nails and elegantly wasted case with Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry looking all punk 'n' fabulous on it.

GOLD STAR: and the Oscar goes to Francis Brennan for his outstanding performance in At Your Service. This is my phone and Francis is my wallpaper and YES. I am proud of the fact. No polish but gold can be allowed to be used to slide the button across to reveal him in all his magnificent double-breasted glory.

TATTS & BUDS: I'm loving Leanne's mash up of metallic, tattoos and whimsical roses. It's all working really well. Excellent accessorising.

KARMA CHAMELEON: Sera McDaid's gone full camo on this hide-and-you-won't-peek-it matching mani and phone case duo. The polish is Opi, by the way.

SPOT ON: Sue's coral mani with leopardprint statement nail is ideal for snapping cheeky pix of Claude.

PINK SUNSHINE: Audrey's phone cover and sparkly mani is a match made in Barbie-tastic heaven. Psst - the glitter is Pinkie Pink from Nails Inc, peeps.