It is an oft-lamented fact that men and cushions – well, they don’t get on.

We’ve written before about this inexplicable turn of events and I was researching this piece I asked for Himself Indoor’s’ opinion a couple of times. “What do you reckon? Is this man-suitable?” I’d query from the kitchen table to the couch where he had surrounded himself by no less than three pillow-based devices.

“Dunno,” he’d shrug each time. “Useless things, aren’t they?,” he’d say, from his position of maximum snugness, aided, needless to say, by the very existence of the cushions on the couch.

So if we were to leave it to men to provide the comfort factor, here are 10 I think they might go for. What do you reckon?

White and red. Geo. Job done. The Albers V-3 cushion in red is from, £40.

What Irish fella wouldn't want a cushion made by a woman called Laura Gee? This Angus Beardy Man one is made in his own image and can be found on the Ooh Deer website for £35.

Does he love cars? Then this graphic, abstract tire-print feller might be just the ticket. €39 from Bo Concept.

Grungy and graf-inspired, this cassette tape printed cushion from Ben de Lisi at Debenhams is in manly shades too. On sale as well and down to just €17.

Ferm Living's homewares and textiles never err on the over-feminine side in any case, but this Remix offering, €67, would be particularly appealing to a guy who really can't bear florals.

Elephants. Great big solid yokes of beasts. Very very masculine I would say. He can't possibly complain and say this is girly. Well, I guess he can try ... you'll pay around €16ish for this Habitat feller at selected Homebase branches, like Fonthill.

Boba Fett, C3PO, Batman, Robocop: what guy could resist this Jack Teagle Heroes and Villains beauty? Nary a one. £35 Queens monies for this from Ohh Deer.

This is the one for him if he's a Beach Boys fan: Mini Moderns Pet Sounds cushion is £35.

Cheap at €17, functional, inoffensive and completely man- and woman-suitable (I've got two), this Ikea Stockholm cushion has a velvety-feeling cover to boot.

Technically meant for kids (sushhh), this Wild West cushion, £24, from Hunky Dory Home, is also very mansuitable.