One of the things that was so noteworthy about the movie version of The Hunger Games was not, no, its huge similarity to Battle Royale, but the attention to detail in the costumes and makeup.

Capital couture is really quite something, especially when you’re Effie Trinket, and judging by the trailer for the second installment, out late November, we’re in for lots more of the same.

Catching Fire /Hunger Games - Effie Trinket

Mariah Carey, eat your heart out. I’m all a flutter for Effie’s winged outfit with extra butterflies on hair and arms.

Catching Fire /Hunger Games - Katniss

Katniss is all about Cleopatra-era Elizabeth Taylor here. Straight to Shu Uemura for some statement lashes, a well blended lick of red eyeshadow, nude lipstick, braided hairpiece across the crown, a beaded capelet plus tortured, gorgeous expression: job done.

Catching Fire /Hunger Games - Katniss

More Katniss beauty: in addition to fire-lit dresses she gets a burnished glow on skin. Rose gold highlighters, bronzer and contour are all you want plus lashings of smokey shadow.

Looking forward to the film? I totally am, despite being about 15 years outside of its demographic …