Why yes, you did read that correctly. Today, August 23rd, is National Potato Day, and when life gives you spuds, well, you make chips.

That’s my motto, an in anyways.

Check out Potato.ie for lots of news on tuber-based events and happenings up and down the country today and in honor of our national foodsuff, I’ve put together a gallery of six potato-related things too. Some of which are quite, erm, tenuously related ….

The Americans call 'em fries but they're chips to you and me. Yummy, delicious chips, fried in lots of delicious lard. MmmmMmm. The favoured fruit of the potato.

Pic: travel.nytimes.com

That there's a Konjac, or as it's otherwise known, a konnyaku potato. Yes, the thing they make the cleansing sponges from. You're looking at yours with whole new eyes now, aren't you?

A classic of the toy genre, who doesn't love Mr Potato Head? Someone with no soul, that's who.

Irish crisps are the best in the world. FACT. I challenge anyone to disprove this theory and I am willing to eat a lot of potato-based snacks from foreign lands to prove my claim.

In addition to handsome suave gent that is Francis Brennan, Ireland is home to the might and mastery of Mr Tayto. Plastic and fantastic, I was lucky enough to be snapped with him last summer in his home at Tayto Park. Look at me, girlishly kicking up my heel in delight.

The fact that Sir Walter Raleigh may or may not have introduced the potato to Ireland is just a thinly-veiled excuse to post this picture of Gorgeous Clive Owen in character as the wily adventurer. Oh Clive.