1. Flesh-Toned Latex Bra and Knickers

Yes Miley. We know you have grown up and discovered sex. Now put that away under a nice big gansey, will you.

Katy Perry grill, MTV VMA 2013

2. A Glittery Grill

Stay classy, Katy.

Lil Kim, MTV VMA 2013

3. Banana Boots

Ah here, where would we be without Lil’ Kim to have a fashion related point and laugh at, eh? NOWHERE. I love how this makes her look like a really badly dressed superhero. With bright yellow platform boots on. Crime stands no chance!

Erin Wasson, MTV VMA 2013

4. Turban + Net + Knickers

Hi there Erin Wasson. So, you know that time your mam told you not to go out wearing just some high-leg pants and a bandeau bra and a net tube dress with your hair in a turban? Turns out she was spot on.

Rita Ora, MTV VMA 2013

5. Feathers

Call the flocks, someone. Question: what do you get when you mix ten pounds of spangly jewels, several bags of bedraggled blue feathers, a weird black sash and put it on Rita Ora? A really, really ugly dress, that’s what.