It’s easy when you’re riding high in Hollywood to adorn yourself with next season’s lust-have IT bag and dress: just get your publicist to call ’em in for you. Job done.

Getting onto a best dressed list is pretty much nothing compared to the really big deal: bagging a hunk of burning love to pose on the red carpet with you and to squire you to casual lunches for paparazzi opportunities so you can pretend you really do eat actual human foods like chips and burgers. Before you go home and chow down on a box of Kleenex.

Shit buzz. Still, I guess you can console yourself with your millions of handbags and handsome manfriend. Here are 10 we wouldn’t mind the look of hanging off our own arms.

Yup, it was last week's post on Diane and her off-duty accessorisin' that planted the seed of this post. Punching a bit above his paygrade, Pacey is the lucky lad squiring Diane about but, y'know, we think she did pretty well out of the dealio too. Pacey, like. Pacey.

I'm guessing you too would have a smug look on your face and a hand on the chest of Olivier Martinez if you were going out with him. Drink him in there with your seeing eyes, ladies. Drink. Him. In. Also, as he is French, imagine him saying, oh, anything to you. Such as, "'Alleeee, we are out of ze loo roll, I am going to ze Spar to get zome more."

Apart from a bit part in American Psycho, I've never seen Jennifer Aniston's mot, Justin Theroux in, um, anything, but this doesn't actually stop the cousin of Louis being very handsome. Jesus, well done there Jennifer.

He's tall, not dark and quite brooding. Paul Bettany's one of those underrated actors we should see in more things where he's not playing a weird self-abusing albino monk. Shame, really. Still, nice work Jennifer Connelly.

This one caused me a bit of gnashing. I mean, you know, Ben Affleck. I mostly put him in because my mother thinks he is just so gorgeous, and so do loads of other people. Jennifer Garner also seems to be a very lovely nice person. So, there we are. Two lovely nice people being lovely and nice. Jaysis! That's no fun.

It's ALL KINDS OF WRONG to fancy the horrid little kid from About a Boy but he's all grown up now so I guess it's ok. Second time around the arm for Jennifer Garner with Nicholas Hoult, and if she doesn't want him, I'm guessing there'll be a lot of other gals out there who will, wha?

Tom Ford, yo.

Confession: I cannot pronounce Jason Sudeikis' surname but I love, love, love him and Olivia Wilde together. I'd like to know a lot less about their sex life than I do. Euuw. Keep it schtum, Liv.

Two things about Javier Bardem: I like to pronounce his name to myself as Jay-vee-ear, as in "Jay-vee-ear, come in, yer dinner's poured ouh," and two, he is so ridey I even fancied him with the bowl haircut in No Country for Old Men. Yes. Yes I did.

Some things in life are just so unfair. Here is an example. Eva Mendes gets to look like Eva Mendes and she gets to go out with Ryan Gosling. This, readers, is a perfect case in point.