Is everybody up to speed on the fact that the Nineties is a mahoosive trend for autumn/winter? Good, then we can power on with the goodies and the bit we like best, fantasy shopping for our imaginary wardrobes.

90s mannish style picks

  1. A rucksack is an easy peasy way to nail this look and this one is real leather baby. Chuck €71.50 ASOS’s way and they’ll send it you pronto.
  2. No need for a painful piercing with this clever clip on design from Accessorize. These can look surprisingly elegant for evening. Trust us. And a steal at €4.50.
  3. Checks are where it’s at for this trend. This scarf is spendy: owning this fringed Zara number will cost ya €27.95.
  4. Patent leather. Check. Tassels. Check. Stylish Nineties staple. Check. Pick up a pair of these snazzy beauts in River Island for sixty bucks.
  5. We can’t stop thinking about these bad boys and want them to get in our life. Like now. These leather lovelies are €140 by Duo. FYI they ship to Ireland for free.

Will you be wearing the pared back, simple silhouettes and navy, black and burgundy palette of the Nineties trend? Let us know in the comments so we don’t embarrass ourselves by showing up in the same outfit.