L’Oreal researchers spent a long time folding jasminic acid to ensure it could penetrate effectively. On the 2412th time, they got it right, and LR2412 was born

One of the biggest advantages a big beauty corporation like L’Oreal (Vichy’s parent company) has is its might in research and development. It can – and does – give years of study to a team to figure out the very best way a new ingredient can be refined to work effectively in skincare.

Like, for example, jasmonic acid. Plants use this to signal healing and defense mechanisms in themselves, and while humans are clearly not leafy greens, we share around 40% of the same genetic makeup, so the theory is the molecule should signal repair triggers for our skincells too.

Here’s the issue: in its raw state, the jasmonic acid moleclule is too large to penetrate the skin, so L’Oreal researchers spent a long time folding it to ensure it could penetrate effectively. On the 2412th time, they got it right, and LR2412 was born, the key ingredient used at 4% in Lancome’s best-selling Visionnaire serum.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum

I had an inkling L’Oreal wouldn’t keep such a landmark ingredient to one brand though and it seems I was right. Exclusivity was ensured for a couple of years and now we’re seeing LR2412 in L’Oreal Paris’ Skin Perfection range and whaddya know? Here it is popping up in Vichy Idealia’s new Life Serum too.

Both Vichy and L’Oreal Paris have done a little something something extra with their offerings as a point of difference. Which you’d really expect, and what Vichy is offering with Idealia Life Serum, launching on September 2nd for €34.50, will appeal to many.

It’s calling it LHA and essentially it’s an extra boost of hydration to go along with the claims LR2412 has to smooth pores (because it plumps skin from within), even tone and texture.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum

There’s salicylic acid in here, which is extremely mosturising, as well as some subtle pearlised light reflectors so you’ll get an immediate mild cosmetic effect on application.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum texture

Designed for use morning, evening (or both), it has the same fruity floral scent as the rest of the Idealia range. It is quite a strong fragrance actually, and probably a little too overpowering. I happen to like it though, and as a regular wearer of the excellent BB cream in this range, drink it in regularly, so for me it’s not an issue.

Lastly, there’s marketing-speak from Vichy around this launch to do with a new discovery of four dimensions of skin quality vis a vis behavioural ageing. Rightio. Actually, that really came off to me as a marketing invention, especially one to do with a new concern around sad, tired looking faces.

I’m not going to perpetrate a new fear about expressivity – FROWNY FACE VICHY – but what I will say is this contains a now-proven technology – albeit in a lesser concentration than Lancome’s Visionnaire at 2%, so keep that in mind – along with a good quality hydrating ingredient – and could prove to be a nice addition to your daily skincare routine at a considerably lower price than its posher sister.