If you’re not a fan of cloying synthetic vanilla then that’s a bit of a problem

If I was making a line of beauty products with my sisters, I bet we’d come up with some fairly rudey names for some of the products too. Bravo then, you three (the names of two of you I don’t know), for calling your lip product Joystick.


I thought, hand on heart, that this would be cheap crap. It’s not massively cheap – these lipstick pens are €13.95 from Cloud10beauty.com – and somewhat surprisingly, it’s not crap either. In fact, the shade I was sent, Rose Parade, is a blue red that applies well and looks gorgeous on.

Kardashian Beauty Joystck in Rose Parade Swatch

Swatch of Rose Parade

It’s a creamy opaque formulation that sits really nicely on the lips and the shaped tip of the very slim bullet makes for a super-easy application. No real need for liner here at all.

The one thing though – after the packaging, which isn’t great – that I really don’t like about this at all, is the extremely overpowering scent. You’re absolutely whomped in the face with it when you take the lid off the pen, it’s that intense.

If you’re not a fan of cloying synthetic vanilla – I’m not – then that’s a bit of a problem. It doesn’t really dissipate when it’s on either, so you’ve got this strong scent right beneath your nose, fighting for attention with whatever else you might have spritzed yourself with.

There are other lipstick fragrances I’m not crazy about either but I’ve never smelled anything to the level of this. I’m not exaggerating: it’s off the charts perfumed. For the target audience, maybe that’s ok. I’m not the target so, all other positives aside, for me it means I won’t buy any more – unless they change the scent, that is.

Have you tried anything from the Kardashian (formerly Khroma) beauty range yet?