Last month we took an 26 stage tour through the alphabet with Accessory A-Z and this month we’re all about the onset of a new season.

September’s the big fashion month; it’s also a time when you’re kinda thinking about new trends, books, films and beauty as well as all the other self-improvement bits and bobs that formative education habit hardwires into you.

So all month we’re hitting up our gal pals across the worlds of fashion, food, culture, journalism and more, asking them what they’re tipping for greatness in the next few months, what’s on their radars and what they’re really, really looking forward to.

Our first kicks off later this morning and the series is already shaping up nicely (translation = my purse will be light), so stay tuned.

And yup. That title did come from the Big Star song of the (almost) same name. Good old Alex Chilton, eh?