Tanya Sweeney is a journalist writing for the Evening Herald and Irish Independent. She is going back to college this Autumn, mainly for the Topshop discount and access to student loans.

1. Afternoon Delight

Amid the very many off-the-back-of-Bridesmaids projects about to hit the cinema (see also, The To Do List, Diablo Cody’s Paradise and Girl Most Likely), Afternoon Delight appears to be the most intriguing. To wit: Kathryn Hahn plays a forty something suburban mum who invites  a stripper, played by Juno Temple, to live with her.

From what I can see, the film is tackling staid marriages, midlife angst, the perils of the Mumsnet-style brigade and the sisterhood fairly forcefully. The films’ writer/director Jill Solloway has already been likened to Judd Apatow and Tina Fey in US reviews. That’s as glowing an endorsement as any!

2. Arcade Fire’s album

I’ve already had my ‘album of 2013 moment’ (when My Bloody Valentine released m b v – seriously, you should have seen the hack of me, tears and all)… but I’m intrigued as to what an Arcade Fire album produced by James Murphy might sound like. A well-placed friend in the music industry has already hinted that absolute greatness is imminent. Which probably means it’ll be crap. But sure anyway.

3. Color Wow

I’ve just become a blonde, and I’m waiting to see if – as the age-old saying goes – blondes do indeed have more fun (a mediocre romp with a Galway fireman hints that, ‘probably not’). My roots have already appeared in a nasty and telling stripe, but this new product appears to be the answer to this particular problem. Much like Benefit’s Brow Zings, Color Wow is a powder/brush combo that blends in to cover up root regrowth. Unlike Batiste’s blonde dry shampoo, it doesn’t leave a residue or leave hair dry or dusty. A friend in the US turned me onto it, and I’ve just been informed that Harvey Nicks is stocking it as of this month.

4. C’est La Bea

After her star turn in Edinburgh last year, I interviewed Aisling Bea and she was an absolute riot from beginning to end. I’ll be stoking my serious girl crush when she hits the Dublin Fringe this month with her stand-up show (September 7-10). Vanilla and vanilla swuh-url…

5. Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach

There are sahhhh many books waiting to be read on my Kindle – 196 at last count – but this is next in the queue. In it, Leila finds a community of like-minded people online, and is asked by the site’s founder to become involved in Project Tess, which means impersonating the witty, urbane and beautiful Tess online. There’s a delicious and totally unexpected twist in there by all accounts. Colour me intrigued.