One of my many trillions of hats is beauty editing on Confetti (Ireland’s leading bridal mag, doncha know) and it’s obviously rubbing off: the current trend for paperie, delicate bunting, pop-up honeycombs and decorations is clearly getting to me.

Actually I’ve always liked paper pop-ups and decorations, they’re fun, instant impact and a really easy way to bring colour and interest to a space. Particularly good for renters when you can’t add colour with paint, a few well-chosen complimentary or clashing ‘combs in vari-sizes, hung at different heights, can look really wow.

These guys above are from and cost £12.95 for a set of three, but if you’d like something a little more local, read on.

Ikea VISIONÄR balls

Ikea’s newish paper shop’s a bit of a wonder, and has pretty much everything you’d need for wrapping and boxing gifts as well as these babies. They’re big: 30cm across and come in circles or hearts, are a cinch to put together (you velcro the sides and you’re done) and cost just €4 each. Eh – what more could you ask for, eh?

Tiger Giant Deco Ball

Just one of several types of decoration on offer at Tiger (it also has great paper bunting), this one’s a total steal at €3. Three quid. Ah here. I’ll have the lot.