Terry Barber’s one interesting guy to chat to. Mac’s director of artistry, you get the impression that what he doesn’t know about makeup, well, it quite frankly ain’t worth knowing. On Retromatte, one of the most interesting single item collections the brand has done for a while, he’s pretty enthused.

“Mac is known for its mattes; the kind of look that has made Mac the phenomenon it is,” he tells me over the phone.

“But we are realising that people are wearing them differently now. They’re going to keep skin transparent and dewy, keep the eyes fresher. Mattes needed to be reinvented with a different style of makeup too.”

Mac Retromatte lipstick for AW13

Say hello, then, to Retromatte. Mattes, but not the drying, skin-sucking beasts you’re used to, these take old school shades – Barber says fans will recognise hues similar to discontinued faves like Veruschka and Moxie, though with new names – and whip them up into a much more skin-friendly formula.

“Mattes are very dry and difficult to wear,” Barber acknowledges, revealing that the eight shades on offer here will be “velvety with slip. They’ll have the same vibrancy and texture but will be much more refined and more comfortable.”

Mac Retromatte lipstick for AW13

Launching this week, here’s what you can expect to see on counter.

Steady Going*, Runway Hit*, Dangerous, Relentlessly Red, All Fired Up, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo and Fixed on Drama*, for €19 each. There’s a matching Pro Longwear Lip Pencil for each shade for €19.50, and all will remain in the permanent collection barring one. Of the lipsticks, five remain permanently, with those marked by (*) being available for a limited time.

Mac Retromatte lipstick for AW13

Runway Hit, Dangerous, All Fired Up, Fixed on Drama

The proof, as always, is going to be in the pudding: I’ve yet to try this range out, though it sounds right up my street. Are you going to be heading to a Mac counter for a cheeky swatch?