Andrea Horan is the owner of Tropical Popical Nail Bar, soon to be psychology student and brand crackerjack.

1. White Cape with gold trim

I’ve been watching a lot of 80s movies recently (slightly more than usual) and Overboard was one of the highlights of my movie rampage. I’d say Goldie Hawn’s outfits before she goes overboard and hooks up with Kurt Russell are amongst the most perfect I’ve ever seen. Therefore, I’ve had to enlist the help of a recent NCAD graduate to re-create the white cape. It has everything I’m passionate about in my life – capes, gold trims, sequins and anchors.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Brazen Hologram shoe

I recently broke my ankle so have been relegated to trainers every day.  As much as I like a pair of gold Pumas, sometimes you just want a bit of glam.  These shoes are perfect for me as I’m crap in heels.  I keep trying and trying but I’m just a disaster.  These have a gorge big wedge that makes walking easier and the hologram – well, there’s nothing more to say except – YES.

3. Frieze London,17-20 October 

I became obsessed with Frieze after visiting its New York outpost on Randall’s Island a few years ago. I’m not a big art buff but love to look at gorgeous things and Frieze makes contemporary art very accessible for both art experts and novices. I get loads of inspiration and ideas from it for Trop Pop and other projects.  As well as all that, it’s also a great day out – perfect for people watching and eating and boozing. 

4. Transparent nail extensions

I love ghetto nails and these out-ghetto all the rest.  We have them in clear and pink transparent in Tropical Popical and I can’t wait to get them on.  I have to wait till my ankle is better though as it’s hard enough to do anything at the moment without the longest nails possible as well which is the way I like to wear them. Nobody ever said glamour was easy.

5. House of Hackney/Martinique wallpaper

I recently moved in to a new house and decked it out with House of Hackney wallpaper – which is divine.  I couldn’t afford/justify doing the whole room in it as I’m only renting the house, although it would have looked UNREAL.  So I decided that when I grow up or win the lotto I’ll do all my rooms in House of Hackney and Martinique wallpaper.  The Martinique wallpaper was designed especially for the Beverly Hills Hotel and Blanche Devereaux has it over her bed (which you can see in the opening credits of The Golden Girls). So glam.

Honourable mention: I love the Kiko brand.  It’s fun, current, colourful and cheap. Every few weeks I have a lil wail that we don’t have it in Ireland yet