Grills. I don’t get ’em, unless they are in a cooker and have some burgers or steaks cookin’ away nicely on them. But in yer gob? Nah, you’re ok.

Celebs are all over them at the minute and if you think you really simply must have some then, erm, I’ve found the very place for you. On Etsy. Yep, you too can get your teeth into the trend from €186 for four gold or four white gold teeth made and moulded to your own gnashers.

In the meantime, why not get some inspiration from this gallery of gorgeous grills? Oh you know you want to …



P.S: Full credit to my pal Anna Shelswell-White for Uptown Grills in the headline there.

Is there nothing Beyonce won't do for attention?

Ok, so not a grill but a bedazzled tooth. The fact Lana looks like a primary school teacher in this picture makes it all the more odd.

Yawn, Rihanna, YAWN.


Sure you'd expect nothing less from Ke$sha. Nothing really to see here, is there? A grill? Sure that's grand. It's Ke$ha, like.

It's almost as if Madonna's grill is like some sort of superstructure to support her teeth in their great old age.

Rihanna, really, you are trying way too hard. An AK47 grill? Really?