You’ll know Louise McSharry from her recent slot filling in for Ryan Tubridy (oo-er), as well as her own Weekend Breakfast show on 2fm. She’s the co-founder of the excellent and a staff writer on the Phew. Does she ever sleep?

1. ‘Cue up

I’m really excited about Pitt Bros BBQ which is meant to be opening around September 16 on Georges Street.  I live for pulled pork, and ever since I watched Friday Night Lights I’ve been desperate to go to Texas to experience real Southern American Barbeque.  I’m probably not going to get to Texas anytime soon, so I’m hoping this place will satisfy my craving!

They say they’re going to be ‘A Smoked BBQ Project bringing the ‘Low and Slow’ method of cooking to Dublin using an original Smoker Pitt’. I don’t really know what that is but it all sounds good to me!

2. Put the boot in

Now that Autumn is kicking in, I’m really looking forward to buying some new boots.  I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of black leather ankle boots.  Knee highs are not an option for me thanks to my hefty calves (one part genetics, one part love of food and one part years of Irish dancing), and I don’t wear heels because they make me miserable, so something that’s flat and not too tight around the ankle would be perfect.  So far I’m considering these guys from the Kurt Geiger Carvela collection  and also these.  

Having said that though, I’m not very good at making decisions when it comes to big purchases, and Grace Moore who was the stylist on The Hit was wearing a really cool black and gold pair from the Penneys A/W collection, so maybe I just grab them to tide me over!

3. Hair raising

I’ve been bleached blonde for six years (give or take a few months of pink and purple here and there), and I’m thinking about making a change to something Autumnal.  I really like bright, strong colours, and haven’t been anything that looks remotely natural for a long time.  It’s just not me.  So I think perhaps a really vivid strawberry blonde or orange might be the way to go. 

I thought about it last year too but my boyfriend’s mother gave me a very disapproving look and it put me off.  This time though, I’ve spoken to my hairdresser Mark Byrne in Sugar Cubed and he seems to think it’s a good idea, so I might go for it!  

4. Bell Curve

I’m mad about Lake Bell, an actress who’s featured in loads of films, usually as the funny friend.  Later this month, her first film as a writer and director, In a World, is being released.  She stars in it too, as a female voiceover artist trying to break into the male dominated world of movie voiceovers.  The supporting cast is great too, there are lots of people you’ll recognise as the gas characters from various films, as well as one of my favourite comedians Tig Notaro.  Can’t wait.

5. Pet sounds

I’m looking forward to loads of really excellent gigs this season.  Jay-Z and The National at the O2, as well as Annie Mac Presents at the end of November in The Academy.  I love Annie, she’s super on the radio and her live gigs are always super. This time she has Cyril Hahn and Duke Dumont with her. Cyril’s set at Electric Picnic this year was one of my favourite moments and MNEK is one of the coolest singer/songwriter/producers around at the moment so I can’t wait.  

I’ve been to see Annie a good few times in Dublin but her gigs are usually mid-week which means I feel really old among all the students out on the razz.  This time it’s a Saturday night, so I’m hoping this time around there will be more of my compatriots there!