J’remember earlier in the week I was talking about Zara having the best bags on the high street?

A quick look-see yesterday re-confirmed that again: so many great shapes, colours, sizes and style options across a range of materials and prices, Zara spoils us for mala choices with the regularity.

If you’ve got €50 (or less) to drop on a new bag this weekend, here are five I think you might really like. Check ’em out.

Oh this is a beauty. Yes, it's tiny and will probably fit your phone and a fiver, but the over-sized embellishments on top are what make it. Divine. The damage? €39.99, which seems reasonable for something so statement, I think.

Perfect for colour blocking, sling this green and cream lovely across body for some casual appeal. It's also €39.99 - and no, no leather here.

It's the gold detail on the clasp that makes this one stand out. You're getting suede too for your €49.99.

Chain: check. Monochrome: check. This envelope clutch does two things well for €39.95.

Cute and structured, the navy mini city office bag is €39.95.