“If you haven’t heard We have been working really hard on a Bleach product range which will be going into Boots UK October 2013!!! The range is full of SUPER COOL COLOURS and DIY BLEACH/DIP DYE kits along with styling products,” spaketh the peeps from Bleach on Instagram earlier this week as an accompaniment to the pic, above.

Gillian Zinser and Chloe Norgaard

As a trend, hotly hued tresses ain’t going nowhere, so while this isn’t exactly a surfing the zeigeist move for Bleach, it’s one that’s gonna make ’em a lot of cash regardless. Ching ching!

I’ll have a little word with Boots Ireland and see when and if we’ll be seeing the range on our shores. In the meantime, does this news float your barnet-based boat?

Pix: Bleach London/Instagram; www.adorn-london.com