London Design Festival (or LDF to the in-crowd, dontcha know) starts tomorrow and is considered to be one of Europe’s, if not the world’s, best. Tent London is one of the edgier shows at LDF and opens on September 19. I love it for the presence of the indie kids – small independent design studios making gorgeous things I might never otherwise have seen.

This year the line-up is another feast for homewares fans: kooky wallpapers, couture chairs, new uses of concrete (prettier than it sounds) and beautifully simple wood furniture.

Here’s a peek at some Top Things From Tent…

Amazing upholstered chairs by Galapagos using Korla fabric. There isn’t a fabric from these people that I wouldn’t want as a dress, incidentally.

The Art Deco wallpaper by British designer Joanna Corney is one of lovers of architecture.

New bespoke wedding prints by Bold & Noble.

Identity’s word search wallpaper is such a good idea I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. It comes in tons of colours, or you can personalise your order with your own word preference.

Flaster coloured tiles from Hungary, by Ivanka, proving that concrete doesn’t have to be dull.

Moonshine Footstool by Yorkshire hand-crafters the Galvin brothers. Bet they have a lovely accent to match their furniture, too.

I want Louise Wilkinson to be my friend, just because she can make fine bone china plates like this one.

Rachel Powell's Woodstock pattern is now benig made as a fabric and looks incredible on a sofa.

Rope mirror on the wall – thou art the fairest of them all. It’s by M-Dex Design, who also do a great reinterpretation of the Noguchi coffee table.

Ain’t no upcycled dresser like a Zoe Murphy upcycled dresser. Her Dad’s from Norn Iron, too.