Just one of many good things from Denmark, I regularly enjoy a wander around Tiger. This Denmark place must be some sort of heaven, people. The Killing. Sofie Grabol. Fair Isle jumpers. Lego. Em, Owning Greenland? I can’t think of any more – add yours in a comment.

So I’ll distract you with some cheap stuff from it instead, like these €5 ceramic sweet pots. I dunno, wasted on sweets if you ask me.

Folklore tin tray from Tiger

Or how about this Folklore design tray for €3? You can get other items with the same pattern too. *taps nose*

Tiger bamboo mats

Quite liking the look of these silicone-trimmed bamboo mats too. At another purse rattling €3, they’re meant as pot stands, apparently.

So, is it just me lured by the purr of Tiger or have you been in for a rummage?