Ailbhe Malone is a writer for BuzzFeed UK, and a contributor to the Irish Times and the Irish Independent. She is an aspirational dog owner. She is on twitter @ailbhetross

1. Books

I’m really keen on anything to do with magazines (have you read Rachel Johnson’s ”Diary of a Lady’? It’s wonderful, so gossipy), so am eager to read Diana Vreeland’s memos to Vogue staffers. It’s not out until October, and it has quite a hefty price tag, so I think I might have to either save up or wait until Christmas.

2. Makeup

I came quite late to the Chubby Stick game, but am now properly obsessed. Only recently I found out that there was an ‘intense’ version, which I am quite excited about. I am also a Kiehl’s fan, after years of Simple facewash and similar. I use their Night Repair thingy which is wonderful – and the glass bottle makes it feel like I am a Mitford. I’ve had it since May, and have barely made a dent in it. Their Ultra Facial Cleanser is brilliant too – and takes of all my make-up in a flash.

3. Music

I am really excited about the new Summer Camp album. I know Elizabeth from my NME days and am so delighted with how they’re doing (and so envious of Elizabeth’s lovely curls). I’m into Lorde too, and obviously Selena Gomez. 

4. Clothes

The last thing I bought was a neon pink angora jumper from Weekday when I was in Stockholm, so I am now trying to make some more sensible clothing choices. I’m only 5’2, so buying jeans is a real hassle. My top tip is to buy from America, as they have shorter legs without having to go down the ‘petite’ route. So, Urban Outfitters’ Twig High Rise are perfect (just don’t get stung on the customs tax) Funnily enough, when I interviewed Tegan and Sara a few years ago, we chatted extensively about the benefits of these jeans. Clearly it’s an international dilemma. 

5: Food

I am very pleased this winter, as I have perfected the homemade Earl Grey Gin and Tonic. It is very easy. You get some gin, and a glass jar or what have you. Then you put the gin in a measuring jug, open two bags of Earl Grey and tip the contents into the jar. Leave it for about an hour, and then strain into your container. I normally use an old (clean) pair of tights. Then that’s it! Drink with tonic, or mixed with some normal gin.