Pic: ebay.com

Flicking through the pages of Now last night I came across a page dedicated to this lovely new trend which the mag gushed, was “seen on all the best style sites.” Shit, I thought, better get on that shizzle with the quickness. Then I turned the light off and went to sleep.

So, for just $10 from eBay seller Fashiondiggers, this erm, look, can be yours. But what does Twitter think of the trend?

I always think of lattice tarts when I see things like this or cut-out dresses.

ill have 4 please they’ll be just the job to make my thighs look WORSER

My leg would look like a boiled ham.

ah lads

As for Spenny, he was ok. His mate Hervé saved him from the clutches of an old St Bartian roofie-perv. Phew.