Model Elena Perminova does the roar/pic:

With prices starting at around the €200ish mark for one of Kenzo’s embroidered so-hot-they’re-practically-on-the-Kelvin-scale sweatshirts and going up to €250 for the cotton sweatshirt dresses (you’ll pay way more for wool) you’d be forgiven for sating “uh, no ta,” and passing in favour of the weekly food shop.

But the accessory drop that’s just landed at Harvey Nichols, Dundrum, has piqued my interest. More longevity with these and lower prices means I’m more likely to indulge. Plus – a necklace is never going to make you look fat, now is it?

kenzo tiger jewellery twitpic/harvey nichols

Here’s what they’ve got in-store at HN. Pic: Harvey Nichols/Twitter.

kenzo tiger necklace detail

And a little detail on a couple of the necklaces. On the left you’ll pay €185; the cut-out guy on the right’s cheaper at €150. Rings seem to be coming in at €135 and are definitely what I’d pick up if I’d a spare €100 and change this weekend. Oh yeah.