Nipping into the Dealz combined Halloween/Christmas press launch last week, I’ll readily admit I didn’t expect very much. Known as Poundland in the UK, they couldn’t very well call it that here, so Dealz it became.

Vaguely aware that there was one on Henry Street in Dublin 1, I was soon informed there are actually 26 of them in Ireland, with more to come. Actually I’m not surprised about that now that I’ve seen the sort of stuff they do, and what’s even more surprising is that the majority of it is €1.49.

Which is just a barg and a half, really. Let’s take a look.

Kids halloween straws, €1.49 at Dealz

Halloween pumpkin straws in a spooky plastic skull tankard, €1.49 each.

Halloween hanging decorations from Dealz

Truly horrible decapitated ghost bride, skull and evil pumpkin hanging decorations – these are quite small but no less CREEPY. Guess how much they are? Oh go on: €1.49.

Halloween paperie, lanterns and bunting from Dealz

A huge amount of what’s on offer is of course, out of necessity for kids. But look at this little lot: you could decorate a more adult-themed (NO, not that kind of adult-themed) party very nicely indeed. I’m not telling you the price: you’ve got the drill at this stage.

Fake barbed wire from Dealz

If you are truly intent on having an adult-themed Halloween (nudge, nudge), then perhaps you can work this faux barbed wire into it somehow? Only €1.49!

Dealz halloween costumes for adults

Plus, there are costumes. Oh yes. This awful looking creation is like a Tony Stark-imagined Dracula and is the exception to the seriously cheapo rule at €12. Or the stuff of your wildest fantasies: you choose.

Everything’s tricking in-store now and I’m guessing won’t hang about, so you know the drill: if you want it (and this is but a tiny selection of what’s available) then find your local Dealz and have a gander.