Confession time. I don’t carry a designer handbag.

I’ve been in the market for a new bag for a while now. Confession time. I don’t carry a designer handbag. In fact I only own one designer bag, which is more of a purse, and I still feel guilty about how much it cost. It’s Celine though so ne regrette rien.

To my shame the bag that’s currently doing a stand up job of minding my lippy, Leap card and overflowing-with-receipts purse is more than a bit bruised andis pushing two, maybe three years old. It has served me well, even surviving a recent three-month jaunt around South America. Despite its shabby appearance it still garners its fair share of compliments.

But alas I think it needs to go into semi retirement and I need an upgrade. I’m not interested in anything with too many bells or whistles. I’m craving sleek, minimal, structured and chic in navy or black or even better, both.

Iris & Ink Chelsea Bag

Iris & Ink Chelsea bag

So when I clocked eyes on the leather accessories by Iris & Ink, exclusive to The Outnet I swooned. The PR spiel is that the design for each bag has been inspire by a cool London hot spot. They must say something, right? Do you care when they’re this handsome? No, me neither.

Iris & Ink Notting Hill Tote

Notting Hill tote

Prices start at €50 (for what I’m not sure but you ain’t gettin’ none of what’s pictured for that price let me tell you) up to (breathe) €347.

Iris & Ink Bowling Bag at the Outnet

I’m definitely veering towards the two-tone tote for everyday but the bowling bag ain’t too shabby either. And the gold chain detail on the shoulder bag is doing a good job of seducing me too.

Iris & Ink Hoxton Clutch

Hoxton clutch

Oh wait, you can never go too far wrong with an oversize clutch and this one has two different fabrics.

Ah sod it I’ll take the lot!

(Is what I might say if I’d just won the lotto and didn’t care who knew it)

Instead there will be some hard decisions to make come October 24 when the styles will go online.

Tell us in the comments which piece of arm candy has put a twinkle in your eye.