Definitely a name to know, Minju Kim’s well-edited collection for H&M lands at selected stores on 17th October. As the winner of the brand’s Design Award for 2013, she’s worked with H&M’s team to produce nine pieces of clothing and two really bloody great accessories.

Minju Kim for H&M green collar

This scalloped, punched and decorated collar is EVERYTHING. I must own. €34.95.

Minju Kim for H&M white red and black wedges

Ditto these Minju Wedges. Minju, did you make these for lil ‘ole me? €49.95. Incroyable!

Ok: here’s the slightly dubious news. I’m not 100% if we’re getting this here but I can imagine the pieces whizzing straight onto eBay. If it doesn’t make an appearance here (the South King Street store seems most likely) then hey, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.