It’s pretty much all about all things bright and beaurriful at Lush this year for Christmas gifting and in case you think I’m crazy early with this, I’m not: this little lot goes on sale next week.

With three distinct strands in the festive lineup, you can buy pressies themed with William Morris prints, glittery, glam rock-tastic Ziggy Stardust glitter or vintage fireworks-inspired wrappers. So, pretty much covering off all bases there.

It all looks a lot nice than previous years; upping the ante with the choice of prints and colours has added a dimension to the gifts that makes them really and truly wantable. Yes. that’s a new word I just made up. I’ve snapped a selection of what’ll be on sale across the three themes as well as a fair few of the Christmas ballistics, bubble bars and soaps.

Note: I don’t have prices or descriptions for all products right now. Enjoy!

Cute Christmas Penguins for crumbling into a bath, €3.85.

A Snowman for €3.25.

Various soaps including Snow Globe (blue), Snowcake (white and gold) and Angel's Delight (multi-coloured), which kick off from €3.95 for 100g.

How about a Bombardino? €3.25.

Snow Fairy sparkle bar is €6.50.

These fun fellers are Candy Mountain bubble bars, €3.45.

Aww, wouldya lookit. The Softening Snowman Soak is in a new fragrance and he's €2.95.

These explode into trails of multi-coloured fizz in the bath. They're the new luxury Lush Pud, €4.40.

This Fun three pack is, well, fun. And pretty to look at to boot. No price info on this yet

Some of the fragrance gifting options incoming.

Every year Lush brings back Snow Fairy and 2013 is no exception. It's here for another showing as is Ponche. New and limited for this season is Rose Jam, a lovely rosey fragranced shower gel. Prices start at €4.50 for 100g with these fellers, going up to €6.50.

Mr and Mrs Frosty contain bubble bars and bath ballistics and cost €16.50.

The Vintage Fireworks-wrapped gift options are just - SQUEE!

This whopper costs €169.95 and is absolutely packed full of treats - three layers of 'em in fact. And it's well titled: WOW.

The top box looks like an old-school selection box. It's White Christmas and it's €89.95. Inside you'll find loads of bathing treats like ballistics and soaps.

Just some of the William Morris-decorated gifts.

This is A Christmas Carol. It's €134.95.

The Ziggy Stardust-inspired gifts are definitely the funnest - no need for any further wrapping with these. No siree.

This glittery guy is Merry Christmas, and it's €25.95.

The Vintage Fireworks-wrapped gift options are just - SQUEE!

Do you want bath ballistics? Then you got 'em: tons of em. TONS.

Like these new Secret Santas, €7.50.