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1. Snuggly sheets

Since it’s gotten a little bit chilly, I’m getting down ‘n’ cosy in bed with my favourite flannelette sheets. So glam! Not only are they soft and warm but also they tick both the stripey AND candy coloured boxes.

2. Home help

Around this time of year is when the house becomes a little bit (more) bonkers as everyone gets used to once again being stuck inside after a summer spent outdoors. Plus I have a high maintenance two and a half year old who needs entertaining. I’m thinking an indoor tent; den or wigwam is the perfect weapon of mass distraction for some domestic peace. I’ve seen a colourful Ikea one I like but making a homemade version would be fun too. That’s me sorted! Hmmm, now what to get to occupy her.

3. Stamp it

My latest obsession is rubber-stamping and Etsy is the ideal place to while away hours lining up my next fix. My current favourites are from the shop Talk to the Sun but I just can’t decide between the bunting, vintage telephone, retro food mixer, London bus or buttons. So if Santa’s reading this I’ll have all of the above please. I promise to spread the love with some pretty cards, wrapping paper and gift tags in return.

4. Dress up

There’s a line called Emily and Fin that do a really nice line of classic retro designs in pretty floral fabrics. The flattering shapes don’t differ that much from season to season but they mix things up with new prints and the styles are given girls names. My current crush is ‘Lucy’ but I’m in hot pursuit of a ‘Norma’ or ‘Doris’ too.

5. Delicious cake

I’m regularly asked by family, friends and strangers for my winning cake recipe for a party. My first cookbook will be packed full of recipes to fit the bill. However, everyone has to sit tight until June 5th so for now, I will hand things over to Nigella as her chocolate Guinness cake is most definitely the best cake I have ever eaten. And for the record, I have eaten lots of cake! Get your fill and let me know if you agree.