Whether it’s a Karlstad, Klippan or Kivik you want to cover with something that’s non Ballymum-standard then Bemz.com, (which my pal Dena introduced me to), is gonna have to be a must-visit.

If this was tech, and couches were social media, I’d be talking about how Bemz use Ikea’s API but eh, it’s not and instead they basically just make some cool shit to cover their couches with. But the analogy kind of stands.

Sort of.

prettypegs.com legs for ikea furnitiure

While you’re hacking away at that, look at Prettypegs too. Another Scandi firm dedicated to mining a business off the back of Ikea, these guys sell a ton of different types of custom-fit furniture legs designed specially to fit the retailer’s furniture.

I mean, by the time you’re done, no one’ll ever know it was Ikea in the first place. Or, you know, if it’s that much of an issue, I guess you could not shop there in the first place?