I’m a bona fide bootaholic. Actually scrap that: I realised the other day I’ve bought five pairs of shoes (ssshhh, don’t tell my dad) over the last, em, maybe three months. That’s a lot right? So maybe shoes in general are my thang – but boots too.

I already own quite a few pairs – tan suede ankle boots that don’t get out much since someone (hiss) spilled a pint of Guinness over them and they now look a bit grubby; a very useful Acne pistol copy bought in Buffalo that have been worn to every event imaginable: birthday bashes, work dos and dinner dates; a trusty Seventies-style knee-length Topshop pair I splurged on a gazillion years ago but which are still in really good nick; and lastly a black snakeskin and suede slinky ankle boot from, whisper it… Guess. I never thought I’d own anything by that label but they’re really nice. Honest.

Ah heck, when they’re all written down like that rather than lined up against my bedroom wall, regularly tripping me up it no longer feels like I have too many pairs at all at all.

Which brings me to the best bit of today’s post. The shopping.

*Rubs hands together with glee*

Mixing two textures together has been around for a while now but if it ain’t broke why fix it. Snap up these Next beauts for roughly €90 bucks.

Right now cut outs are all the rage in all things boot-shaped. This suede Topshop pair are bang on the money with their shiny gold hardwear. Buy them online for £75 or whatcha reckon, twice that in our hard-earned euro cash?

That Isabel Marant western theme collection is still casting its influence and her much-copied ankle boot has become a classic. An everyday design with just the right heel height and for less than hundred quid is tricky to find but Oasis have nailed it. These will cost you €85.

Chunky biker boots are big business at the moment. Pick up this pair in New Look for €79.99. Not bad eh?

These are €20. Yes that’s right, twenty smackers. Now that’s a boot bargain in our book. You’ve probably already guessed where they’re from given the price: stand up and take a bow, Penneys.

We're jumping straight to the other end of the price scale now with these Whistles lovelies for €195. Yes that’s rich, but I reckon these will get better with wear, year-on-year plus they’re totally wearable… ok, I’ll stop now.

This stylish, vaguely Mod pair by River Island are all kinds of great. They have that two tone thing I told you about earlier going on as well as the latest boot must-have, a bit of gold detailing. Great value too at €55.

Those Chloe boots kicked off the trend for all-over studding a few seasons ago and none of us have looked back since. I will be hunting down this Red Herring pair and paying Debenhams €83 for them. Just keeping you in the loop.

You can never go wrong with a classic Chelsea boot. Fact. Even if you pay €225 for these ones in Hobbs you won’t regret it. These are never going to go out of fashion.

Zara has loads of bangin’ boots so it was hard to pick just one style. These ones are sleek, smart and with that badass gold heel meant they pipped all the others to the post. Hotfoot it to a branch near you now and pick these up for €69.95 before they sell out.