As a person who enjoys a room diffuser – or five – and is never without a couple on the go at any given time, I had an inkling I’d enjoy La Bougie‘s new home scenters, which are available in three of the brand’s existing blends: Dark Rose and Myrtle, Sage and Bitter Orange plus Lichen and Winter Jasmine.

La Bougie Lichen & Winter Jasmine Room Diffuser

As it happens I’ve just finished burning a much-admired Sage and Bitter Orange candle so was pretty pleased to get Lichen and Winter Jasmine for a room diffuser trial.

For €29.95, you get 100g of 30% parfum blend (which is high, fact fans), a stylin’-looking dark glass flacon with silver-coloured collar and your reeds. That’s a comparable price to competitor brands like Max Benjamin, by the way, and about what I want to pay for a scent diffuser.

Once you try a room fragrance made from a well-blended combination of essential oils, you will never accept a product from Glade or Ambi Pur ever again. I can’t have those things near my nose, and for the money they cost versus the short amount of time they last – just spend your money on something like this: I implore you.

La Bougie Lichen & Winter Jasmine Room Diffuser

I’ll admit it, I’ve got no real idea what lichen smells of but the winter jasmine bit’s spot on: this is floral, quite sweet but not saccharine, and is making my bathroom smell awwwlll kindsa lovely.

Replacement reeds and scent cost €19.99, but this should last me three months or so. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hang around in the smallest room in the house.