The portmanteauing of sweet foodstuffs continues apace: not content with the mashup of croissant and doughnut for the much-discussed Cronut, now they (they being exceptionally boring foodies) are splicing tarts with brownies for Townies, muffins with dougnuts for Duffins and I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining what a Banlova is.

And so, in between eyerolls and a discussion about GIBO in the office the other day we came up with some Irish cake-based blends we think really need to come to light. Now, who’s got Biddy White Lennon’s email address?

The brackeron and the sconerole

Say hello to home-grown (and thankfully – for now – imaginary) Sconearole and Brackeron. Delicious fripperies brought right back to earth with some down home, honest-to-goodness Mammy baking, plain flour and elbow grease. Plus, they can be butthered and served with a cup of tea. Vital.

Sure where would you be going with a dacquoise, eh?