Unlike fashion designers, whose mugs are regularly plastered all over the popular press, furniture designers tend to remain relatively anonymous, modestly stepping aside and letting their creations speak for themselves instead. Which seems a shame, once you realise that the makers of some of the best contemporary designs are, in fact, just as handsome as the stuff they produce. In some cases, Even More Handsomer.

Here are five of the world’s most swoonsome furniture makers we enjoy ogling just as much as their gorge products.

Jaime Hayon

The boy Jaime, born in Madrid in 1974, is a kitschy-minded, edgy, ‘street’ type of creative, known for his series of weird and wonderful ceramics for Lladro, the absolutely-beautiful FAVN sofa for Fritz Hansen and tons of other collaborations with Europe’s top design houses. And then there’s his face. Dreamy puppy dog eyes, olive skin and a side of stubble. Swoon factor: high.


Todd Bracher

One of the design brains at Fritz Hansen, 39-year-old Todd was born in New York but moved to Copenhagen at 24 to submerge himself in the world of his Danish mid-century design heroes. We like that sort of commitment in a man. We also love his tables and chairs – kudos the Toddmeister. Now if you could just fashion a loveseat pour deux when you get a second so we can sit beside you all day long and stare into your dreamy intelligent eyes have an inspirational chat about Hans Wegner.

Alexander Taylor

Born in the UK in 1975, Alex’s designs are angular, super modern and a bit fun. He’s also partial to a decent splodge of high colour, is the A-man. I’m not sure I could take his furniture home to my mother – a bit too edgy for her, I’m afraid – but the chap himself would be most welcome for dinner and I bet his table manners are top-notch.

Maarten De Ceulaer

Here’s a young man you wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating crisps. Maarten De Ceulaer makes one of my favourite ever pieces of furniture: his colourful, soft leather Chests of Suitcases are beautiful things (I’ve had the pleasure of actually touching them). So it’s no surprise that I dig the cut of his jib as well. Oh blond locks and strong forehead - Belgium, be proud.

Philippe Starck

If your tastes run to classic, Philippe is not your man. He’s a modernist and he has designed pretty much everything –you’ve probably all handled a PS product at some point even if you didn’t know it was his. He makes the list for being a super-stylish Frenchie with an adorbs accent to match his rugged, handsome visage. Douze points.