Although it might be unfathomable for some people who are stuck in their schoolyard-thinking ways, lots of people are now actually choosing to be a redhead and are shunning more socially acceptable shades.

If you’re old enough to remember My So-Called Life, you’ll fondly remember angst ridden Angela embarking on her own red hair odyssey in the first episode. From that moment on I was hooked – on the show and Clare Danes’s titian tresses – and was always a bit confused and saddened by classmates who chose to mask their own magnificent manes with dodgy blonde highlights or DIY dye jobs. Just look at Lindsay Lohan’s spectrum of hair shades in the past five years and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

From one Angela (and century) to another: Angela Scanlon, writer, TV presenter and arguable Ireland’s most fashionable redhead has embarked on her own hair colour crusade. Her latest TV outing, Oi Ginger, which will be shown on RTE Two later this week, investigates why redheads get such a raw deal and why, as a nation, we’re so mean to them.

Scanlon speaks to real life redheads (no RTE employees, ahem, I mean celebrities here) and asks them to share their experiences of growing up ginger (it is ok to say that, right?) in Ireland and guess what? It’s mostly negative.

Maybe it’s an Irish thing but from watching the clip, it’s obvious that as a nation we can’t seem to celebrate something that is so innately ours (Ireland has the highest proportions of redheads in the world don’tcha know) without ripping it to shreds. Coincidentally the poor auld freckle also gets the same treatment – but back to our flame haired friends.

Redheads may have had a tough time in the past and there have been plenty of people who have been detrimental to the cause – Geri Halliwell I’m looking at you – but with the redhead gene dying out, there’s never been a better time to celebrate them, people!

red hot redsers

Still don’t believe me? Just look at Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Karen Elson, Isla Fischer, Christina Hendricks and Karen Gillan to name but a few. From rose gold to deep auburn hues, red hair should be viewed with envy not opposition and I for one am hugely tempted to hit the bottle and momentarily become a redser myself. Watch this space…