Heads up: embellishment is big news on shoes this season but it’s also a thing up top. Yup, your beanie may as well take itself home in shame if it doesn’t have some bling somewhere upon its person.

You read it here first – and here are five we think we’d nearly put up with hat hair for. Nearly.

H&M beanie

1. The Studded Number

Fork over €9.95 and this black knit and stud and spike feller from H&M can be yours.

River Island Beanie

2. The Candy Treat

Can you afford another tenner? If you can, then this smooth-knit River Island beanie with neon beading can be yours for €20.

Markus Lupfer Beanie

3. The Wallet Wobbler

BT2 will relieve you of €165 for this bejwelled Markus Lupfer number. Yep, one hundred and sixty five euro.

Penneys Beanie

4. The Limited Edition Steal

In stores at the end of October, this Penney’s number is a mere €6.

ASOS beanie

5. The Powerful Flower

Find this chunky navy knit with equally robust embellishment at Asos for a whisper over €16.

Which do you like?