White’s a tricky ‘un, isn’t it? You run the risk of looking a bit demented Nurse Nancy/Tennis Barbie or a Barbarella extra if you lay it on too thick, but there is a way to do it right.

Gwen Stefani, who in her more recent years – now she’s dropped the triangle bikinis over mesh tops and tartan plus fours habit – has learned the art of edgy accesorising. That Chanel bag she’s carrying above is a hard act to pull off but she’s doing it because she’s wearing it with a super-casual outfit, as opposed to something very dressed up. And that seems to be the trick with white.

Wear it in too glossy a scenario and you’ll look like a Fembot; throw on a little white shoe with your boyfriend jeans and you’re the ice-queen.

We love these seven barely-there bits.

white accessories

  1. Topshop metal arm cats eye sunglasses, £16 (so probably about €300) on Topshop.com.
  2. Get 60% off this Eddie Borgo Pentagram powder-coated ring, down to €115 on The Outnet.
  3. These Dorothy Perkins white brogues’ll be about €40.
  4. €25’s the damage for this M&S Collection Round Face Diamanté Analogue Sports Watch.
  5. This cute-looking satchel is an Urban Outfitters online exclusive costing €50. And yup, it’s leather-look, as opposed to the real thing.
  6. These River Island leather gloves are about €40.
  7. Love those Love rings? Then this bracelet should appeal too: €307 on Boticca.