What’s the point of paying over the odds for gorgeously glossy colour and then washing it out with something as harsh as Fairy Liquid?

If you’ve ever sat in the hairdressers and totally ignored the product advice your stylist is giving you, thinking that they’re just going in the for the hard sell and that your usual bottle of supermarket shampoo will do just fine, thank you very much, then you’d be wrong.

Because, as with most things in the world of beauty, you really do pay for what you get and although salon bought shampoos, conditioners and masques are, I’ll admit, a good bit pricier than their supermarket equivalents, they are so much kinder to your hair, your colour and ultimately your pocket in the long run.

What’s the point of paying over the odds for gorgeously glossy colour every eight weeks and then washing it out with something that touts itself as a premium product but in reality is as harsh as Fairy Liquid?

The market is heaving with products for blondes and brunettes but as I seem to be on a bit of a ginger crusade/obsession at the moment I thought I’d take a look at the products that are available to the underdog of the hair world, the redhead – and guess what? From glossing treatments to oils, there are very few that are specific to titian tresses.

But, not to be deterred, I’ve sought out a couple of gems that will give redheads the edge.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy,

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy, €34

Ok, so this technically isn’t available in a salon but I’ll let that slide because not only does the bottle look like a swatch card of red hair shades, when you shake it, it turns the most perfect shade of pillarbox red. But it’s not just the gimmick factor that won me over! It won’t weigh hair down like some oils can, gives glassy shine and smells amazing – like a Tahitian beach resort. Or something to that effect.

Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner

Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner, €14.25

If your budget is tight and you can only afford to invest in one product, make it a really great conditioner. The Wella Professionals Color Recharge range created for blondes, brunettes and redheads – look at that for equality – will boost colour vibrancy meaning you won’t have to make as many trips to the salon to get your roots done.

Aveda Madder Root shampoo and conditioner Haircare

Aveda Madder Root range, Shampoo €31.60 and Conditioner €23.40

Personally, I’m all about the hardcore chemicals but if you want to embrace a more natural approach, Aveda is a pretty good place to start. Its Madder Root Shampoo and Conditioner are aimed at natural redheads and will help intensify more auburn shades.

Shu Umeura masque blanc

Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Deep Treatment, €41.50

There is very little Japanese brand Shu Uemura can do wrong in my book and if you’re looking for a super luxe haircare range that gives gorgeous results and looks “I’ve got my shit together” impressive sitting in your shower tray, Shu is your only man. The Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration masque is perfect for anyone who suffers from frizz or has been abusing their tresses with bleach or DIY dye kits and has now reformed.