Frillseeker’s Kirstie takes up the challenge

“I love hoops. LOVE ’em. They are hands down my favourite earring type and I’ve been wearing them for donkeys years. I’ve tried ’em all: huge, massive ones. Fat ones, thin ones, chavvy Lily Allen ones (not a success) but always in gold-coloured metal.

“Let me disabuse you of something: I never spend money on them. My hoops, because I leave them down places, forget them in hotels, spray them with perfume and hairspray and otherwise mistreat them, are almost always €5.99 Freedom from Topshop specials. If I had pricey ones I’d just loose them, and although I did flirt for five minutes with the idea of buying some for ‘good’ in actual gold, I disabused myself of that notion sharpish.

“Hoops suit me because I most often wear my hair up and they frame my face. While I own many a statement chandelier, I just wear gold circles by default. They’re ‘my earring’. I’m a less gaudy dresser than I used to be but I believe my initial reason for wearing them was because they didn’t fight with anything else I was wearing: if I’m wearing a bright top and big neckpiece, then I’m not gonna lay on the ear-jewels too.

“In fact, Frillseekers, you could say hoops are practically a neutral. Practically.”

Katie Healy


Katie Healy, from What Katie Healy Did, tells us why she hates the hoop

“I never wear hoops. It’s totally personal, I simply feel they look silly on me. I cant get it right, anytime I tried, I either went too small or too big. I’ve yet to find a size that would look okay on me. Its a pain in the hoop and I detest the things.

“My dislike probably stems back to my youth. I was too afraid to pierce both ears and while I was plucking up the courage to get my second lobe pierced I thought it would be cool to try aim for the Esmerelda look, you know the beautiful gypsy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame? I popped in a golden hoop and thought I was the bees knees. Children can be so cruel.

“Writing this I have come to realize that nine times out of ten, it’s the wearer the fault lies with, myself included:

  • People with tiny heads opting for hoops so big they bang off her shoulders and skew to the side.
  • Wearing thick, heavy loops causing lobes droop so much ears look like The Scream.
  • People who cover their entire ear in tiny to huge hoops. Obnoxious.
  • Large-lobed people squeezing on tiny hoops, creating a look I like to call ‘arse ear’. 
  • Wearing hair down with hooped earrings, especially ones with detail that dangles – a mess of matted hair and glass beads.
  • Heart shaped golden hoops. I’ve yet to meet an ear they flattered.
  • Mid sized hoops … hey are just so indifferent it angers me.

“I could go on … If you can make them work, go for it! Just don’t expect to see me rocking a pair anytime soon.”