Oh hello. I can’t set eyes on a lovely piece of Asian-inspired design without getting that Vapors song for an earworm… and setting my eyes on lovely Asian-inspired design I do be as we speak.

Right: Chinese design with a side of Scandi chic. Sound good? This is the ambitious design hybrid known as Trendig, the latest limited-edition range from Ikea. I don’t know why they called it Trendig. That sounds like a sarcastic way of saying ‘trendy’ but in a German accent, and not very oriental at all.

Ikea Trendig textiles

Anyway, the range is a cross-pollination of Asian designers with the Swedes, who teamed up (with a flippin’ brilliant translator, presumably) to produce a load of new gear with a focus on cooking and dining. The results have the typical cool clean lines and strong basic colour we expect at Ikea, but there’s a bit of intricate prettifying thrown in thanks to the Chinese seasoning sprinkled all over everything. There are fabrics – gorgeous ones – and really nicely-shaped dining chairs, cool Chinesey stools, Asian-influenced colourful tableware and a cabinet that I predict will be a best-seller. Have a looky!

Dara Flynn's Ikea Trendig picks

  1. This is called ‘occasional table in birch’, €100, but surely you’d rather take advantage of the fact it has giant wheels? How cute would you look pushing this thing into your living room loaded with fancy sushi and cocktails? Dressed in a kimono? Just me then?
  2. This cabinet has modern classic written all over it. It’s made of powder coated steel and it looks like the sort of thing you’d put into the Forbidden Palace in Beijing if you were building it today. The grid and circle formation on the doors are the best bit, but I like the angular Ikea-ness to its shape as well. It’s €225.
  3.  Lovely colourful mugs, two quid each. Likey. There are also salad bowls, plates, salt and pepper shakers and really cool vases (top pic).

Check out Trendig from November at Ikea Dublin, ikea.ie