Celebs love her stuff, her Mythology charms are known for their entry level habit-forming addiction to the Annoushka brand and her use of off-beat metals, hard-to-find gems and stones plus limited run, narrative pieces means there’s a lot to like about the brand.

Once you’re hooked you better hope you’ve either got an amazing job-slash-trust fund to sustain it – or failing both of those, an absolutely huge credit card limit.

Annoushka earrings

This stuff does not come cheap. One of a kind pieces and edits that come in super-limited collections of 24 are all in the thousands price-wise. And you can see why; this is fine jewellery as opposed to costume pieces, and you will pay up to €15,000 for some pieces in the collection at Brown Thomas.

Annoushka dream catcher earrings 24 collection

Like, for example, these beauties. Part of the Dream Catcher 24 collection, there are only going to be 24 of these utterly stunning mother-of-pearl, rose gold, diamond and black rhodium drops made. Big but lightweight, this equivalent of a down payment on a flat or the price of a car is the sort of thing that’s heading towards Oligarch money: beautiful and inspiring to look at but out of the reach of most.

Annoushka charm bracelet

So to balance that, there’s also these: the Mythology collection contains small charms for bracelets and fine chain necklaces that can be layered or worn solo.

Annoushka charms

Starting from about €450 each, the Mythology alphabet pieces are hugely popular – check Stellar fashion editor Corina Gaffey‘s one – and come in a variety of options like letters, astrology symbols and animal pieces.

Annoushka basket ring

Got a bit more to spend? How about this quartz basket ring for about €12k?

Annoushka foundry necklace

Or the fab-looking bronze and oxidised silver pieces from the Foundry collection, cheaper in the €1000+ range.

But what does the designer and owner herself choose to wear? I got nosy and investigated.

Annoushka ducas

Pic: eveswatch.com

Many of Annoushka’s pieces look best layered and worn together – clearly that’s no problem for her, what with owning the brand, so a rummage through her typical day’s adornments turns up a lot to look at.

Annoushka Ducas personal frills  - necklaces

The gold and pyrite piece, left, is worn with a new design which’ll launch soon.

Annoushka Ducas personal frills - necklace and charms

But that was just around her neck: she also had three of her Mythology charms draped further down: the double-diamond setting is particularly effective in the anchor Hope Amulet, eh?

Annoushka Ducas personal frills - bracelets and watch

The layering theme continues on her wrist with a clatter of bracelets including the circular Stellar bracelet and that beautiful diamond and garnet piece which I think is from the Shard range.

Annoushka Ducas personal frills  - foundry bracelet and rings

Stacking’s a theme with Annoushka and the brand; small pieces lend themselves to being worn in multiples and she does it with her rings as well, wearing five together on one finger. Top right is her beautifully individual engagement ring and left is a piece from the Foundry collection. Bronze is an unusual metal to use in jewellery but it’s flattering because much like rose gold, it’s warm on skin.

Annoushka Ducas personal frills - drusy earrings

And the last piece of pretty were these Drusy earrings. Onyx, satin matte gold and pink rubies make for drops that are a statement without shouting about it. Want ’em? You’ll be looking at about €2,000 for them if you do.

Given a blank cheque to play with, it’s the big pieces I’d go for: layering as a thing doesn’t get my blood up: but that basket ring, those Dreamcatcher earrings? Oh yeah. I could rock the hell out of them. You?