These intriguing-slash-weird looking yokes land in January at Mac counters and I am completely amazed, baffled and utterly curious about them. Clearly (or clearly to me anyway) just the first foray in what will be a reinforced Masterpiece Brush Collection, meet the cavalry.

Mac has lots of claims for these, not least that they are “an ultra-modern range of unique brushes that delivers a high level of performance and revolutionises personal makeup application.”

They’re ergonomically designed, contain synthetic fibres and have a really different-looking special grip brush handle that’s “designed for absolute control, and a tilted tip that keeps fingers and hands out of the way for ultimate precision.”

There you go.

Mac Masterpiece Brush Collection

  • Linear 1, €32, is not a tiny tooth flosser, but a brush designed to make application of straight lines across the lid easier. You can also use it with cream products and lipstick too.
  • Oval 3, €40.50, is your all-in-one eyeshadow applicator and blender brush and can also be used for concealer.
  • OVAL 6, €45.50, is a foundation or bronzer brush. I KNOW. Apparently the centre is higher than the edges so you don’t pick up too much product. The idea is you buff as you apply.

Lads, my mind is blown. I can’t wait to give these a go. You?