The Zara … mini skort (shudder), €29.95

“Is skort the stupidest word in fashion?,” I tweeted yesterday. To me, maybe, but to the rest of you, you have your own fashion-based word mashup gripes. Like, for example, these:

  1. Snood
    The modern understanding of the word is a portmanteau of scarf and hood but it’s actually been about since the middle ages. I know, who knew those feudal dudes were so on-trend, eh? It probably came to life in Fashion Week AW/1452 or thereabouts, and has been bugging us ever since.
  2. Capsule Wardrobe
    Not actually one of those seven day Tupperware containers for your lumbago medicine, but a carefully edited selection of ‘separates’ from which to construct your wardrobe. May contain a pant. See below.
  3. Using the singlular of plurals
    As in, “wow Tatiana, you are really rocking that pant and heel combo.” Oh thanks. Or maybe you could just tell me my trousers look nice.
  4. Frow
    Mostly infuriating because we’re not in it.
  5. Fash Pack
    Sounds like something you’d put in the freezer, forget about, find three years later and have no idea what to do with it.

What’s your biggest fashion word bugbear? Add it in a comment below!